Welcome to Bellamy Demolition Consultancy

As in our commitment to Consultancy Interiors one of the most crucial elements of any project is how well, or badly, it is managed, through careful planning and meticulous attention to detail at the outset, prudent resource management, tight budget and quality control and open and collaborative communication, we are able to ensure that all demolition works finish to specification on time and on budget.

We are able to provide a full consultancy service from inception to the final completion of demolition projects and hand back to clients. Working alongside approved and qualified professionals from The National Federation of Demolition Contractors, we are able to meet clients requests, these would include from the outset a detailed Health and Safety Plan.

A preliminary programme will be prepared and developed, outlining the sequence of intended operations, these may have to be altered to incorporate agreed amendments and or requirements, should the need arise for the attention of the client i.e. the discovery of hazardous materials, safety measures and implemented plans will be discussed to ensure successful completion.